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Modules You Will Receive

Bonus (OVER $12,000 in ACTUAL Value): The Wizard's Chest

Done for you tested advertorials, landing pages, banner ads and more. Everything you need to start hitting the ground running.

We've hired the top landing page designers and graphic designers at a significant expense for our business so you don't have to.

All of these files are highly editable so you can easily tweak them for your specific use. Every good Rainmaking Wizard should have this in their arsenal.

Landing Pages

  1. Business Loan  ($2,500)
  2. Student Debt  ($2,000)
  3. Solar Panel #1 ($2,500)
  4. Solar Panel #2 ($2,500)
  5. Addiction / Rehab ($2,500)

Total ACTUAL Value: $12,000


  1. Brain Pills ($1,000)
  2. Business Loans  ($1,000)
  3. Dyslexia  ($1,000)
  4. Franchise Your Business  ($1,000)
  5. Pharmaceutical Rep Class Action  ($1,000)
  6. Gym Owners Training Program  ($1,000)
  7. U.K. Pension Leads  ($1,000)
  8. Web Security  ($1,000)

Total ACTUAL Value: $12,000

Banner Ads

    1. Addiction / Rehab ($200)
    2. Auto Accident  ($200)
    3. Auto Accident Variation #2 ($200)
    4. Attract Attorney Clients ($200)
    5. Attract Attorney Clients #2 ($200)
    6. Business Loans / Merchant Cash Advance ($200)
    7. Back & Knee Brace ($200)
    8. Credit Card Debt Relief ($200)
    9. Credit Repair ($200)
    10. Dyslexia Relief ($200)
    11. Divorce / Mediation ($200)
    12. DUI / Licensed Revoked ($200)
    13. Franchise Your Business ($200)
    14. Lead Provider Inquiry ($200)
    15. Motorcycle Injury ($200)
    16. Personal Injury ($200)
    17. Personal Injury #2 ($200)
    18. Probate ($200)
    19. Student Debt ($200)
    20. Student Debt #2 ($200)
    21. Tattoo Parlor ($200)
    22. Tendonitis ($200)
    23. Yoga Instructor Training ($200)

    Total ACTUAL Value: $4,600

Who Should NOT Buy

  • If you're living paycheck to paycheck and don't have any sort of savings
  • You haven't at least put up a website before once in your life
  • You're a tire kicker, time waster and or moocher
  • You haven't fully committed and don't believe this is possible for you in your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Does This Include One on One Coaching?

This does not include one on one coaching with Ronnie or any of his team members, however within the course there is the option to purchase coaching sessions with many vetted web techs, copywriters, and you can schedule a one on one Skype session with Ronnie as well.

Is This A One Time Fee?

Yes, this is a one time fee. No monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Will There Be Ongoing Training?

Yes, we will be providing monthly webinars for our members on an ongoing basis. The content in the site will be constantly changing, updating and evolving.

Will You Guarantee My Results?

No. Just like with any business there will be risk and rewards. We will give you all of the tools, resources, and training in order for you to hit the ground running but we can’t guarantee your success. Not even a college university at the most prestigious college in the world will promise you that you will become successful.


"Somehow I found Ronnie...on the internet so I signed up for his program. It sounds absurd I had never even met Ronnie in person. About three months into his program I had my first profitable campaign and that was huge. I spent $100 and made $260 and then I scaled...A week later I had my first $1,000 profit day"

Matt Olsen - Newport Beach, CA

"In the first day I made $50 in profit then it just went from there. I thought ok a nice little side gig to make some extra money. Then I saw my friend in Ronnie's program make $1,000 profit in one day and I was like wow, thats cool. Then I started scaling up and had three $600 profit days in a row. That's when I realized this was more than a side gig. I'll admit I was skeptical at first but this actually works! "

Eddys Velasquez - Victoria, Texas

"A couple of months ago I contacted Ronnie because I saw what he was doing online. I've always been big about supplementing my income as Project Civil Engineer for a construction company. I graduated as a Civil Engineer but my financial goals weren't meeting my expectations. I always knew people were making money online but I didn't know where to start so I hit up Ronnie and I signed up for his program. Within weeks I was making over $600-$700 per day. It was unreal to me but it's completely legit."

Naveed Kharrat - Fullerton, California

"Life has been a lot different since I met Ronnie. Within the program himself He's helped me a lot in terms of learning different business models. I've received a well over 10X return since I signed up for his program. Last month I made $34,000 in profit and I've taken the time to travel! If you have any doubts about Ronnie and his program come speak with me"

Zion Kim - New Brunswick, New Jersey

"A year and a half ago I quit my job as a Civil Engineer to pursue Internet Marketing. I tried many courses but many of the details seemed to be missing. I approached Ronnie about joining his program. The next day he setup me up with a buyer and a Facebook campaign. To my surprise on my first day I spent $10 in advertising and I made $140. That was the day that changed my life. Within weeks I was making more than $1k per day profit"

Diego Velazquez - Dominican Republic

"I was a registered nurse and not happy with where I was at in my life. I entered in the internet marketing world and I bought a whole lot courses and none of them worked until I met Ronnie. My initial goal was $500 per day and within a few weeks I was already hitting my goal. Within a months I was hitting $2500 per day. I highly recommend if you're trying to make a living out of this to join The School of Hidden Knowledge."

Tommy Nguyen - Long Beach, California

"A few years ago I was teaching myself Facebook ads and I came across Ronnie's post and reached out to him. I was at a point in my life where I needed to step up to the plate and make money so I signed up for his program. At first I was in way over my head because it was all new for me, but once implemented what Ronnie told me to do I started making money. Within two weeks I had my first $700 day."

Alisha Schenck - San Diego, California

"Since I've applied what I've learned from Ronnie and his School of Hidden Knowledge I've been able to generate multiple 6 figure and 7 figure companies. I highly recommend that you take action and you will do big things"

Jack Cascio - Chicago, Illinois 

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$8,000 (Regular Retail Price)
$6,000 $3,000 (Limited Price!)

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